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Jacquinot Blanc de Blancs 70 years Gift Set (750ml)
Jacquinot Blanc de Blancs 70 years Gift Set (750ml)

  • Jacquinot Blanc de Blancs 70 years Gift Set (750ml)

Jacquinot Blanc de Blancs 70 years Gift Set (750ml)

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Jacquinot Blanc de Blancs 70 years Gift Set (750ml)

This blend had been created for the Jubilee of the House (settling of the company) 70 years! It is a blend of 3 years 2011, 2012, 2013, which had fermented in the cellar and riddled in 2015 and reopen in 2015. Blended with some 2014 base wine and bottled in March 2015. The limited number of 888 bottles had been riddled in December 2017.

All bottles are numbered between 1 to 888 and this can be sold alone or in a gift box with 2 glasses vintage and a re-corker.

Very fruity nose and creamy with pears vanilla and lemon.
Nice acidity very much pleasant

Exclusive by Wine Peers

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HISTORY of the Family Jacquinot
Pierre Jacquinot and his two sons, Jacques and Jean-Guy, created Champagne Jacquinot & Fils in 1947. Pierre was seriously injured in WWI by a mustard gas attack when he was just 18 years old, and so he decided to convert his physically demanding family farm into a vineyard once he returned from the war. Once returned from the war, he also became a grape broker for Champagne Mercier, which required him to buy and sell grapes from the local grape growers. In 1929, he set up his own pressing centre to process the purchased grapes. As he was injured in the war, he spent his winters on the French Riviera to rest and recover. To sustain himself during the winters, he sold Champagne for Champagne Watteau. After the Second World War, Pierre and his two sons decided to produce their own Champagne since they already had all of the necessary supplies: a vineyard, a pressing centre, a small winery and a network of customers. At that time, it was impossible to make and sell Champagne from any town other than Reims or Epernay, and so that is why they purchased this winery here in Epernay. Today, our family has 17 ha (42 acres) of vines, and we grow the traditional three Champagne varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Jean-Manuel Jacquinot, the son of Jean-Guy, has been the oenologist and wine maker at Champagne Jacquinot since 1998, and became the executive director in 2009. François Nicolet, Jacques’ son-in-law, joined the company in 2009 as the marketing manager.

Jacquinot is now certified VITICULTURE DURABLE EN CHAMPAGNE (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne).
This eco-friendly designation is the greenest designation one can receive in Champagne.

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