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愛宕之松發泡酒(伯楽星) (360ml)
愛宕之松發泡酒(伯楽星) (360ml)

  • 愛宕之松發泡酒(伯楽星) (360ml)

愛宕之松發泡酒(伯楽星) (360ml)

[No.. SA153]

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HKD 105.00


Region/ Company: 宮城縣宮城県

Ingredients: N/A

Grade/ Rice Polishing Rate : 55%

Nihonshudo: -5

Alcohol: 13%

flavor: The refreshing aroma of lime and crisp apple skin, with the palate fuji apples and slight citrus rind. Simple, delicious, and elegant. A steady stream of mild bubbles best enjoyed using Champagne Flutes.

Pairing: Aperitif, BBQ, Charcuterie/ Cold Cuts

Award: GOLD in the Milano Sake Challenge 2019- GOLD in Kura Master 2020- GOLD in Féminalise 2022

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